Saturday, 13 January 2007

Installation - part 2: install and configure the program

  1. Download MyHAL on sourceforge.
  2. Unzip the package.
  3. Open the "MyHAL.Console.exe.config" file with your favorite text editor and fill in the following parameters:
  • <add key="JabberServer" value="ServerName"/> : put the server name on which you created the account for MyHAL (for example:
  • <add key="JabberId" value="MyHALAccountName"/> : put the account name you created for MyHAL (for example: MyHAL-home)
  • <add key="JabberPassword" value="MyHALAccountPassword"/> : put the account password you created for MyHAL
  • <add key="User" value="YourJabberID@yourServer"/> : your own Jabber user account (for example:
  • <add key="CanChat" value="false"/> : change it to "true" if you want to be able to chat with MyHAL. (Warning: the initialization process could take several minutes and the program could consume up to 100Mo of memory)


Bill said...

I think this would move from being a fun program to a GREAT program if you added the option to have the chatting feature open to everyone and were able to have multiple people use the command features.

Anonymous said...

how to add more then one user account?