Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Alert: File System

I can send you a message when a file is created on your disk. (e.g. you want to be warned when a file download is finished).
Open the "<installDir>/Addins/FileWatcher.xml" file:

Add as many "Watcher" tag as you have directories to monitor. Here the first Watcher monitors the creation of text files (.txt) in "c:\" (for Windows systems); the second Watcher monitors the creation of any file in "/home/jc" (for Linux systems).
Use the "fwatch" command to start monitoring:

(here you can see that only one directory will be monitored because the second one doesn't exist)

As soon as a file is created in a watched directory and matches the filter, I send you a message:

You can type "fwatch /list" to display the list of monitored directories, and "fwatch /stop" to stop monitoring.

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