Saturday, 13 January 2007

Installation - part 3: execute the program

  1. Install Mono or .NET 2.0:
  • MyHAL runs on Linux using the Mono runtime. Follow this link to download and install Mono.
  • MyHAL runs on Windows using the Mono runtime or .NET 2.0. Follow this link to download and install Mono, or this link to install .NET 2.0.
  1. Execute MyHAL:
    • On Windows double-click on "MyHal.Console.exe" (if you have .NET 2.0 installed), or execute the following command: "mono MyHaL.Console.exe" using the Mono command prompt (in "Start"-"All Programs"-"Mono for Windows")
    • On Linux run the following command: "mono MyHaL.Console.exe"
  2. Launch your Jabber client (on any computer), add the account you created for MyHAL to your roster (your "buddy list"), and start chatting with your computer!

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