Saturday, 3 February 2007

Alert: Windows EventLog

I can send you a message when an entry is written to the Windows EventLog (useful to monitor a server)
Open the "<installDir>/Addins/LogWatcher.xml" file:

Configure the Watcher elements (here we are monitoring the "Application" log for "Warning" and "Error" messages only).
Use the "logwatch" command to start monitoring:

You can type "logwatch /list" to display the list of monitored logs, and "logwatch /stop" to stop monitoring.


Rutrus said...

Is it easy make a plugin for pidgin?
Maybe very interesting make it due to pidgin uses lots of protocols...

I want use AIML with all my accounts :-|

jMehdi said...

You can use MyHal with pidgin ; just selec t the "XMPP" protocol (= jabber)

vannadis said...

Sorry, but does only one user can talk to the bot?
or i can add other users?
now the problem is with "Not authorized"

jMehdi said...

Currently only one user can talk to the bot. If I have time I will update it to allow multiple users